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Now is the time for fall lawn renovation:

Fall is a fantastic time to repair lawns damaged by this summer's hot and dry temperatures. Rainfall is more consistent than in spring, soil temperatures are warm and pesky insects and weeds are less active now than in spring and summer. Cooler autumn temperatures are ideal for reseeding or laying sod.

Rake your lawn or rent a de-thatcher to enable any new seed to come into good contact with loosened soil.

Remove thatch, stones, dead grass or anything else that may be in the way of new seed. Apply good quality grass seed. Valley View Farms and the University of Maryland Extension Service recommend a mixture featuring turf-type tall fescue grass seed. Our favorite brand is Jonathan Green. Check with our staff to find the right mixture for your lawn, whether you have sun, shade, heavy traffic areas or any other challenges. Apply the seed by hand or with a spreader at the rates listed on the grass seed label.

Jonathan Green Fall

Apply Jonathan Green New Seeding Fertilizer and lime if needed. (bring in a soil sample to determine whether or not lime is needed to adjust the pH of the soil.) Both can be applied the same day and should be lightly raked into the soil.

Keep the new seed bed moist for the 14-21 days it takes for the new grass to germinate and start growing. Check back in with us in early spring for tips on maintaining your lawn.

If seeding the lawn is not necessary, fertilize this fall with Jonathan Green's Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer. The 10-18-20 fertilizer analysis is great for establishing deep roots while providing food for a rich, deep green color. Maryland's Home and Garden Information Center recognizes fall as the single best time to fertilize our lawns. Valley View Farms also stocks organic lawn fertilizers for your lawn feeding needs.

And, don't forget, fall is a good time to treat the lawn for Japanese Beetle grubs. Use Milky Spore for an organic solution or a grub killer from any of our lawn care companies.

For additional information and tips on lawn care, pick up a free Lawn Care Calendar in our garden shop. Above information provided by Jonathan Green.

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