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Gifts for Gardeners

Here are some ideas for the gardeners on your holiday list this year:

  • A Hori-hori knife is indispensable! Use it for digging, separating roots before planting or sawing that small root out of your way
  • A good pair of pruners is necessary for gardeners-- use them through the growing season and right now for wreath making
  • Windchimes are a nice way to add sound to the garden
  • Kneeling in the garden is easier with padding and some built-in handles to aid in getting back up
  • Pair an amaryllis or some paperwhite bulbs with a beautiful ceramic container
  • Heating mats help gardeners to get off to a good start when seeding and taking cuttings for spring
  • High quality lighting aids our indoor plants and propagating projects
  • Sundials, thermometers, rain gauges, and all sorts of other gadgets are fun for gardeners too!
  • Indoor fountains add humidity and a sense of tranquility
  • A Valley View Farms Gift Card is a sought after gift from area gardeners

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