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Our Garden Shop has the tools to help you have beautiful lawns and gardens.

Seeds, seeds, seeds....

Stop in soon for the best selection from Ferry Morse, Burpee, Thompson Morgan, Renee's Garden, Lake Valley, Bakers Creek Heirloom, and more.

We also carry grow lights, heat mats, windowsill greenhouses, jiffy pellets and trays, soils, and everything else you need to be successful starting seeds.


We offer free soil pH testing. Different types of plants, as well as lawns, require varying degrees of soil acidity. In fact, some plants are very sensitive to soil pH. Because most of us don't know whether or not our lawn or garden soil needs ammending, we offer a soil pH test to figure it out. Dig samples of soil from several places in your garden or lawn, mix those samples together well, put the mix in a plastic ziplock bag and bring it in to our Garden Shop. Our soil test results will tell you what amendments are needed, if any.

CRABGRASS PREVENTION ~ the time is now to treat your lawn.

We recommend Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer Plus Green-up™ Lawn Fertilizer .

  • Features Dimension Crabgrass Control Herbicide.
  • Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other Crabgrass Preventers.
  • Controls Crabgrass both BEFORE & AFTER it germinates.
  • Controls Crabgrass all season long.  Low use rates.  Non-staining!
  • Premium Green-Up fertilizer, with polymer coated technology
  • Provides the nutrients needed for a beautiful, green thick, lawn.

For additional information and tips on lawn care, pick up a free Lawn Care Calendar in our garden shop. Above information provided by Jonathan Green.

Don't miss our Earth-Friendly section of the Garden Shop. We carry a huge selection of ORGANIC and EARTH FRIENDLY gardening solutions from Avenger, Bonide, Concern, Dr. Earth, Earthbox, Eco Sense, Espoma, Grow Pro Organics, Havahart, Jonathan Green, Lilly Miller, Liquid Net, Messina, Organicide, Safer, Serenade, Summit, and Whitney Farms.

Need mulch? We offer same day delivery of bagged mulch. Call the store for details.

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